Friday, September 29, 2017

More Wild Life

Yesterday a bird.  

Today a mouse.  Yes, a mouse on the couch. My husband called to me. Actually it was more like a holler. Sounded serious. The dogs had gone berserk and they were up on the couch. Lee was standing there wanting paper towels or Something. I grabbed a towel and some paper towels in the kitchen.

Then I saw what he was facing. An immobile mouse. Don't mice run when they see people?

Not this one. We were able to throw the towel over it and I grabbed it,  took it outside for release.
It just remained still. We think one of the dogs brought it in (Jill?) and maybe injured its spine because it was not moving, not making any sounds of pain nor had any visible injuries.

My brave man put it out of its misery.

I hate critters in the house.


  1. Jill keeps bringing you fresh meat, maybe she is hungry:)

    1. Don't even whisper that!! My spouse thinks the dogs don't eat enough but they eat when they are hungry. And Jill is overweight!