Thursday, June 30, 2016

So Far, No Booming

The photos of the dogs in homemade thunder shirts will wait. Thank goodness no one has started lighting fire works yet. The crackers have been on sale since eight this morning. Probably by evening we will hear some - and for the next  four days. I remember being so excited to buy a supply of sparklers, Roman candles and small fire crackers and having to WAIT until the fourth which was the only day they could legally be lighted!
Back to the photo above. This is for people who like creamed peas but don't like to make white sauce. The McCormick country gravy mix and a can of peas are all you need. (The garlic wasn't used. It's only there to prop up the gravy packet.)
Drain the peas. Make the gravy. Dump together. We like it.

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