Sunday, June 12, 2016

Please Take Turns

This is one of the things we learned in Kindergarten.
Yesterday we went to get Lee a milk shake. Our drive-in destination has two lanes for ordering. I mentioned as we drove in that I wonder if anyone has had a difficulty with someone not waiting their turn.
Well, evidently that did it. We had never had any difugalty (A word my mother used and that I don't know how to spell.) We ordered and advanced. When it was our turn to meld, an older gentleman, probably as old us we are, took his large van straight away in front of us. I told Lee, I'm not going to ram him with our equally as large van. He never looked at us and continued on. The man behind him in a mini-cooper saw the whole thing and he grinned at me and shook his head.

These are our exciting times in life now.

 No harm, no foul. We actually got the correct order. I don't know how they keep the orders straight. I asked the clerk how they manage that and she said sometimes the vehicle is on there. Not sure what that means. Do they have a camera? Just remember, take turns.


  1. You made me smile and think of that movie "Fried Green Tomatoes" :) Some people are very rude, I always say well they will get what is coming to them someday:(