Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Good-Bye to June

The month is almost over and I have not posted since the 12th. I have not been busy. Things just don't happen that are worth writing about.
 A new hot water tank is not exciting, especially when the bill arrives. Not exciting but startling.
The highlight was a visit from our Texas clan. So much fun to have them here - just wish the Oregon bunch could have made it this time!
It's been hot but we've had enough rain that we haven't had to water the yard. I do miss our tree with the dual colored blossoms. We lost it in the ice storm.
The main thing I have been doing is making hats and afghans. . . so many that I lost track of two
and couldn't remember making them. As Perky said, many years ago, "I do miss my  mind."
Tomorrow begins the shooting of fireworks...for five days. In my opinion, that is four days too many.
How about one day on the Fourth of July.
I am prepared to calm Jill with a home made thunder shirt. Jack stays relaxed but I have shirt for
him just in case this year is different. I made a couple of doggy coats from old sweat
shirts. Jill has outgrown hers but I have added a strip that will go around  her "chest."
Photos tomorrow.

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  1. Your afghan is lovely!
    Fireworks started here today down at the lake, it will go on for days. I think Chance's hearing is bad as he is not as bothered:)