Monday, March 21, 2016

The Eyes Have It

This is not the eye that was affected today. This was several years ago. The ophthalmologist  assured me there was nothing wrong then.
Today it was my right eye. It was not all red but a little bloodshot, according to Lee. He could see nothing foreign in there but I could sure FEEL something!
I called the office of the eye doctor before 9:00 and they said, can you come in now? Even after telling them there was no pain but knowing something was not right, I was glad they made it now!
A drop of antiseptic (deadening liquid) and the doctor found something. He didn't know what but he got it.
He said after the drops wore off, it would feel "scratchy." So far so good. But I have some drops in case it does feel worse. I am so grateful that they got me right in. The startling thing was, they didn't have me listed as a patient because I hadn't been there for five years! I had been there with Lee so I guess I thought I had had an exam too. Now have an appointment in April for a full exam.

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  1. Hope it doesn't hurt. Five years that is a long time inbetween exams...but that has happened to my husband also...time goes by so fast:)