Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Let There Be Light

The light bulb on the right is extra heavy. It feels in my hand like a rock instead of a bulb. We paid over $10 the LED form. More light, less electricity used, lasts longer. These were all promises or shall we say advertising come-ons. I do not have the exact date we "installed" it in a ceiling fan contraption, but I don't think it has been over six months.
It went out two days ago. Lee, who keeps a lot of records, had the sleeve it came in but not the date installed. (That was my fault. I usually date stuff.) After reading the sleeve, I see it is guaranteed for a year. Based on three hours of use per day. Three hours! Gees Louise!
So today we are going to twist in a new one, the one on the left that only cost $2.00. Wonder what the expected life of a plain old ordinary bulb can be.


  1. next time tape the store receipt to the sleeve. I think our expensive ones do last longer. how much longer I am not sure I don't keep track but I should:)

    1. Good idea. Maybe I'll remember it was the Ides of March.