Friday, March 11, 2016

French Bread

Today I made French bread. On the internet I had seen a recipe for "Crusty Bread." I do not have a
cast iron pot which is required for that particular bread. We saw a pot advertised at Kohl's for $69. Nope. Not for a loaf of bread. I used to have a cast iron pot but in a couple of moves, it disappeared.
Sooo, I remember that I used to make French bread a lot when the kids were little. The recipe was in our local newspaper and it is so easy. There is no kneading involved, (the same as with the Crusty Bread) just some stirring, forming and waiting for the "rise."
I thought I had  placed the raw loaves far enough apart on the parchment paper to bake them separately but they rose more than I thought they would.  Siamese French Bread.
It was a success. One half loaf has disappeared.

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