Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Thin Hamburgers

After sixty-three years of making hamburgers the same way, I learned yesterday that my husband would like thin burgers. So out came the parchment paper and the rolling pin.
He found Sandwich Slims at the grocers to replace those thick buns.
The last photo is a little confusing but that is a skinny hamburger standing on end and slightly curled against the foil. With sliced tomatoes, onion, mustard and catsup, the meat was barely tastable.  The wiggly red line tells me the computer doesn't recognize tastable as a word. Hardly noticeable would be a better choice.


  1. I would like a double! Why on earth did he wait so long to tell you? Men:)

  2. Tried twice to leave a comment but blogger seemed not to like me.

    Sounds as if you did not care much for the thin burgers. Did your husband like them?

    1. Yes, he thought they were great! We have a fast food place here called Freddy's and their burgers are also THIN.

  3. So much easier than cooking...