Sunday, February 21, 2016

Childish Insults

Mary Nutterfield's photo.This isn't a very large photo but I think you can still see the knobby knee!
In school the kids called me bird legs.

Was that bullying? Nope, just kids stating the obvious. Everybody is sooo sensitive these days. I also remember alligator skin and Chiva - which meant baby goat.

I must have really had thick skin like an alligator because I laughed  these terms off. One guy said I looked like Helen White and I was too dumb to hear "Hell  in white."

This all relates to yesterday's blog where I left out the part that people are suing to get books taken off reading lists because they don't want their little darlings exposed to new thoughts in the real world. I believe in free speech but respect and decorum seem to be out the door. It's a tough choice.
Perhaps it involves telling the truth and not making statements that are libelous. 

Webster's says libel means a written or oral defamatory statement or representation that conveys n unjustly unfavorable impression. Didn't people used to sue for that?


  1. I didn't mean to leave a bad comment about your knees...I thought they were cute:) I hope you didn't misunderstand. Yes I think people are extra sensitive now a days...some with tatoos, big earrings out their body part should be a bit more sensitive:(

    1. Did not misunderstand about the knees! I don't think they are "cute" but they just are what they are!