Sunday, February 28, 2016

Static Electricity

After making many hats this winter, I returned to making an afghan. After finishing it, I decided to wash it and dry it as my dear sister-in-law and good friend does when she makes them for her family. Usually I don't wash an item after I complete it! How dirty can it be? Well, maybe that is a good idea.
So I used very little soap, short washing time, cool water and then low temperature in the dryer with a short time there.
Here is the result:
This thing was full of static electricity and all the "fringe" which I had planned to trim, was shredded.
After letting it rest for a few hours, I discovered it had relaxed. I do believe I will just leave the long, shredded fringe stay the way it is. Now sister-in-law/friend feels guilty. I told her it's not her fault! She has made six or more and has never had this result. Oh yes, we also use the same brand of yarn so that's not a factor.


  1. Later: I realized there was one wash cloth in the washer. Could that friction during the wash cycle have shredded the fringe?

  2. I wonder why too? Those are real pretty colors! Of course you could always tie on more fringe:)