Wednesday, February 10, 2016

How Lucky Can You Get?

Today we had an un-February-like temperature of 72 degrees. It was also the day our furnace went on the blink. My husband, who has excellent hearing, noticed the fan sounded "different." Why he had the furnace on with the outside temp being springy, I will never know.

No air was coming out of the vents.  I made a call to the wonderful heating company we use here and they agreed to send someone between 2 and 4. He was here at five after 4 and at 5 we had a new switch and an operating furnace.

Tonight's forecast is 25 degrees so we need that rotating fan to blow warm air.


  1. Good service is hard to beat. Our heating and air company brought us hot sauce made by the owner when they did our fall/winter maintenance.

    That's quite a temperature swing.

  2. hey you guys were lucky! You should buy a lottery ticket! :)