Monday, January 5, 2015


Fixing a roast that weighed 2.33 lb. when brought home from the market.
Cut off .33 lb. of fat?
Once I asked a young clerk at the meat counter to trim a roast for me.
He took it back to the cutting place and an older, more official looking butcher returned it to
me without a smile on his face.
He probably wanted to see what the customer looked like who wanted the fat trimmed.
If he had asked, I would have told him that he has much sharper knives/scissors/trimmers
than I have. Stores who offer to do whatever you want, within reason, could do it with a smile!
So today I used my scissors and still didn't excise all of the blubber.


  1. I have noticed that one of our stores is getting really bad about trimming the fat...I will complain. Not that it will help:(

  2. I wouldn't trade there again. All they have to offer over other markets is service. They need to know that too. You don't pay good money for fat you don't eat.