Thursday, January 15, 2015

Dad Ready for Work

And out by the garage. He was a lineman for the Kansas Power and Light Co. and later a foreman on the truck. I feel such admiration for all people who have to work outside in the cold winters and hot summers but there is a special place for those who go out in storms and fix downed wires to restore our power. My poor grandmother worried about him for twenty-nine years. Her older son worked for a power company in Lyons, KS, and either fell or was electrocuted while trimming tree limbs in 1922. So until she died in 1951, she was so afraid for her younger son. I remember that every Sunday night my dad wrote a letter to his folks. There weren't so many phone calls back then. Long distance was mostly for emergencies or bad news. So I imagine a weekly letter was really appreciated!

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  1. That was certainly good of your dad to put his mom's mind at rest!