Tuesday, January 27, 2015


I use a free program called Picasa to sort and store my photos. It has many features that I was not aware of when I first started using it. A class at the library helped but there are still things that I don't know about all of its options. When there are unidentified photos stored, they have a space to type in a name. (I had over 5000 unidentified.) Usually with the first keystroke, several small photos appear of folks who are already tagged in your lists. The suggestion is based on the similarity of facial features. Amazingly, some of my children and their children or cousins or grandparents are suggested. The computer detects some family features that I don't see. This photo is of my mother's school class. When her face was isolated and I typed in a letter, it brought up other photos of her. She is in the back row, third student from the right. Technology is so fascinating.

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