Saturday, September 13, 2014

Ron's Quilt

When one of our co-workers at SWB, Ron, was injured in an explosion, the rest of us made blocks to put into a quilt. Any design, embroidery, fabric paint - whatever one wanted to use. As I remember, it was like pulling teeth to get them all collected by a certain date. Charlene and Barb were our leaders and they managed to get them sewn together and quilted.Ron was surprised and pleased.
To be the only male operator in a room full of "number please" women was quite a challenge. Although by this time, we didn't say that old phrase. We used our first names (!) but can't remember if we added, "May I help you?" In the early '80's mobile phones were just becoming popular and the quality of sound on some of them was very bad. I did not like those calls because they were handled differently and who likes different? 
I made some friends there and that lasted until the strike. The office closed locally in 1986 and all people and equipment transferred to Wichita, Kansas City or Oklahoma.

And now we are all our own operators.

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