Monday, September 22, 2014

An Old House Being Restored

I heard from a Facebook comment that the house I used to live in as a teen is being worked on.
We drove by and they have cleared the trees away and two men are on the roof. I am so glad this fine old house on West 12th Ave. is going to stay around! The porch columns were collapsing and the roof was in terrible shape. It was built by a family who have a school named after them - McCandless. We lived there from 1944 - 1947. Mrs. McCandless told me that when the house was built there was nothing north of it but wheat fields. After looking for the name McCandless on the internet, ( I have found two persons by that name who settled here around 1872 when the town was established. I'm not sure when the house was built.
Wish I had asked her!

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