Sunday, April 13, 2014

Yo-Yos from 1932

This clipping is from Capper's Weekly, a news
paper in Kansas during the 1930's and beyond.

I had to show the reverse which is a story about a boy in India having a harrowing experience. (Enlarge photo to read.) There are two
political cartoons - one about prohibition - and a grammar hint.
The next photo is the yo-yo bedspread my
mother made in the 1930's. She finished it after 1959 and used some (brighter) fabrics on the
last corner. They were from shirts I made for her grandson and from maternity dresses I had made.
This is all made by hand, drawing those little circles up by basting and fastening them into that shape.
Then all were sewn together by hand using an overhand stitch.
I counted them several years ago and there are 2450 yo-yos of color and 756 white yo-yos.
That is a total of 3206.
Just look what can be done if your eyes are not on a tv screen or computer monitor or an Iphone.


  1. Wow! That is large and beautiful project. you are right about all the distractions we have today. They really cab affect our lives in a negative way,