Monday, February 17, 2014

Kansas Power and Light Crews - 1941

The top left photo is my dad, Dewey R. Brown, truck foreman. On the right, Jim Thomas, two men of the truck crew and my dad.
Names in order of the second photo: Back row: Chidester, Don Sellers, Roy Soverign,Glen Thorpe, Vade Herrington, Audie Curry, Howard Bridges, Ken Piatt, Dan Hamer, John Haskard, Barney Cole.
Middle row: Bill Miller, Archie Vernon, Jerry McCulla, Vic Pace, Shorty Camp, Ernie Phips, Peiplow, "Lovee" Toms, Slim DeArmand, Koch, Chapman.
Front row: Clarence Kraft, Roy Stull,  (my dad, 3rd from left in front row with the LARGE cuff on his overalls and a spot of oil!), Longshore, Floyd Jackson, Harold Wilt, Ivan Jones, Wray,Jim Thomas Harold Shull, Miles Standis (Doc) Brown.
The cowboy hats and some whiskers were on display because this was the year of the first Prairie Pow-Wow in Hutchinson. The state was eighty years old and there was a big celebration. After the war, the town held another one in 1946 with a "mile long" picnic table down Main Street. That story made Life magazine. I wish I had saved a copy.
This is in front of the old shop for KP&L on west 2nd and Adams Street in Hutchinson, KS.

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