Thursday, February 13, 2014


All these individual petals were cut out and basted around the edges by my mom. She had two quilts  made in this pattern in the 1920's or '30's.  I think she was going to make another one. When I finally started to quilt in 1993, I wanted to complete these pieces. I put them together on muslin and found some striped fabric that I could use for bordering the blocks. I hand quilted around the pieces and am glad I could put it together. These fabrics are from the '30's and from some of my sun dresses.

There is another, more complicated quilt called Giant Dahlia but this one is just called Dahlia.


  1. What a pretty the soft colors.Do you use it?

    1. I have it hanging on a lovely wooden quilt hanger that a friend made in his wood shop.
      As long as we have doggies, I hate to use our quilts - sad!