Friday, January 24, 2014

The Wrights

The baby from yesterday's post is seated here with the big bow. They all are dressed nicely but I don't think they were wealthy. There was one more girl, Retta, who died in infancy.
I cannot imagine growing up in a family this size. About fifteen years after this photo was taken,
the head of the household left his wife and worked in western Kansas where he died shortly after he moved. His wife,  my grandmother, took in ironings and cleaned houses to support herself. Sad times during the depression - an apt name for the period. I didn't hear a lot of details about this, but I like to think that the "kids" helped their mom. They were all married by then.
From the left: Lloyd, Pearl, Victor, Iva, Alice, Claude, Selma and Harlan.


  1. They are dressed nicely, the little girl is very cute with her big bow in her hair.:)