Thursday, January 2, 2014

Family Portrait 1906

I love this formal photograph.
This is my great aunt Eliza Pringle Hampton and her
husband, Fred, and daughter Violet.
Eliza was my grandmother's sister.
I love the hair styles.
I thought I read somewhere that people parted little boys' hair
in the middle. But in this case we have a girl!
And that is one great pompadour on Aunt "Lie-zee" as we called her!
I would think it was arranged with the help of a rat.
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  1. My mother used a "rat" in styling her hair early on. She was very stylish. In Grandma's day...they were used by many women.

    1. I was sure someone would know what a rat was!!

  2. Yes they all used rats to gain height! Rats were usually made from their own hair!
    On the children hair..usually girls hair was parted down the center and boys was parted on the side...but some Mothers never followed the rules and did their own thing so it is not a reliable way to identify gender:)

    1. Thanks! I had it backwards on the hair parting.