Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Brown Brothers

I know I've posted this before but along with the "older" pictures, this one goes back to about 1900. My dad, Dewey Russell, is on the chair and his brother, Harvey Lee is standing. They were born twenty-one months apart in August, 1896 and May, 1898. Lee served in the Rainbow Division in WWI. Dewey was not drafted and his brother told him to stay home and help on the farm. In 1922 Lee was working for the electric company and was killed  in an accident while trimming tree limbs away from a high line. My poor grandmother worried every day of the rest of her life because Dewey also worked for the electric company as a lineman and foreman. He retired at age 65 and lived until 1982. Curls were not unusual for boys at that time. Not so sure about the bow in the hair.


  1. They are as cute as can be! I notice they are both breeched! Haircuts would have been next and perhaps that is why the photo was taken:)

    1. I had never heard that term before - used in that way! Had to use the!