Monday, January 20, 2014

Dodge City, KS - 1965

When we lived in Dodge City (1955-57) Boot Hill was there but not developed. With the TV program, Gunsmoke, there came a big change to the Hill!  Front Street was developed with old buildings moved, refurbished and furnished with historical items. The saloon had sarsaparilla,  a clangy piano and dancing girls. The graveyard above the hill was filled with tombstones listing the outlaws and how they died.
So, with a bigger tourist attraction, many folks traveled there on US highway 54. We took the boys there to see the place. in 1965. I hope they remember this trip. We returned there with the grandkids in 2003 (I think!) Why can I remember dates from years ago and not recent dates? Because the film developer put the dates on the photos.

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  1. Great old family photos! When I was a kid I loved to visit places like that. I still go to them today!