Monday, December 9, 2013


I decided to make potato soup this morning.  I peeled the potatoes, chopped some celery, carrots and onion. I made some roué with butter and flour to mix in after the potatoes were done. Salt and pepper added.

It tasted like the flour paste we used to make in kindergarten.

What was wrong? I've made it the same way many times. Sooo, to the fridge to see what I could add.
A small container of left over canned beef gravy originally used to make hot meat loaf sandwiches was on the shelf.

I dipped up a bowl and added a spoonful of gravy. Not bad!

I dumped all the left over gravy into the pan and warmed it through.

L. liked it. I didn't mention the secret ingredient. He likes that canned gravy and I'm not crazy about it but it sure helped  the flavor of the pot of glue.

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