Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Different Day

For several days the garage door would not open more than half way. Today it worked.

The van has been parked outside for several days and when I tried to start it, the battery was dead.

Great help from our tow insurance company after I finally got their phone number from our other car insurance company (!)  I called two folks who tried to look it up for me and it was not in the phone book. Where ARE those membership cards? I only had to wait about half an hour after they told me it would be within an hour. Good news because it was chilly in that van.

We do have a self-contained jumper unit but it was at home in the garage on the work bench. Mr. L. says I couldn't have lifted it anyway.
During all this calling, I got the warning my phone battery was low. Luckily it remained operative until I got home.

I hope tomorrow is a little calmer.


  1. Don't you hate days when everything goes wrong? Hope tomorrow will be better.

  2. Thanks Betty. Battery dead again this morning (Friday) Same young man came out and started it and next stop! Battery shop where we bought it. Tested ok and recharged. Oh yes. The garage door is not working again. Maybe tomorrow.