Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wiley Tea Room Chicken Casserole

In our town, a large empty building called Wiley's may be restored.

It was a wonder - built about 1913, eight stories with a penthouse on top.
It housed the board of grain, offices of doctors, dentists, lawyers, a tea room, a mezzanine, and ladies stylish clothes, hosiery, purses and all types of  "necessary" items. Later there were dress shops, a toy store and a drug store. The Fraese Drug had moved there from the Wolcott building which had been torn town to make way for a park. Finally the drug store had to move because of a dispute over utilities with the absent owner. That left the building empty. This landlord wasn't interested in maintaining the building which he bought almost 20 years ago at a very low price. At last he has decided to sell. The perspective buyer has plans for offices, stores and on the upper floors, apartments. This calls for a parking garage nearby. The plans seem to be coming together and I hope it will all work out.

Now, back the tea room. It was a lovely place to eat with linen table clothes and delicious food. One of the favorites was the Chicken Casserole. I heard it mentioned on a morning radio show today. I looked on the internet and found the recipe. I had everything necessary except celery. There were a lot of carrots in the vegetable drawer so why not substitute! The main ingredient is cooked chicken.

Someone in this family buys deli chicken from the salad bar for the dogs. Yesterday he brought home a large supply which he will chop and freeze. Before he could get to it, I helped myself to the dog's food and made the casserole.

It is delicious.

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