Thursday, January 24, 2013

Phone Systems

Things were so easy in an earlier day. Don't get me wrong. I love my cell phone, camera, computer, laptop, printer, answering machine, scanner and all things digital.

However, the way businesses use telephones is quite a challenge to the consumer.
We received a call this morning. Caller ID said Private so I let the machine take the call.
It was a message for my husband to call another number about an important message. Another seven digit number was left to identify him. We tried that number and a recording answered and asked for our seven digit number. He keyed it in and waited. Then he was asked, by another recording for his name and date of birth. There were ten rings (twelve is only a minute) and at last a human answered.

I guess we should be thankful for all the people employed to set up that system of complicated commands, answers, bell tones and chimes that accompanied him when the recording asked for his information.

Remember when you called a number, a human answered and perhaps directed your call to an extension from the switchboard?

It seemed so simple.

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