Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Unenjoyable Incident

A new experience today. . . I was leaning over in the backyard while L. did all the work, and I was pulling some grass that was growing in among the ivy.
Suddenly I just kept going forward from my bent over position. I've heard people say, "The ground came up to meet me."
It wasn't like that - I went down to meet the ground and kept going. I felt like the force of gravity was tripled and I couldn't stop. On my knees with my face close to the lava rock, I tried to get up.  The ad from tv flashed through my mind. I've fallen and I can't get up.
Although I didn't feel like it was a fall. It was just a bending over that didn't stop. So glad L. was there to help me to my feet. He kept saying, "You're dead weight." Luckily we were by the swing frame so I hung on to that. No dizziness or blacking out. The only visible injury was a knicked knuckle.

I guess I won't bend over for a prolonged time from now on.

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