Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Mystery

 This what-not shelf is in a small bedroom that is seldom used. The other day I noticed that the two vases usually on the bottom shelf were gone.
I looked in the corner under the shelf, behind the dresser and there they were, on the floor, one broken.
These belonged to my mom and I have always liked them even though it seems to me that they are useless as vases.
If you look closely at the bottom shelf, (click to enlarge) you will see the
rings in the dust (!) where they were sitting are far back from the edge. How they ended up on the floor is the unknown.
We have had no earthquakes; the dogs are not allowed in there; how did the vases jump from the back to the edge and over?
L. is going to get a circular  piece of wood from Hobby Lobby and glue the broken parts to it. There were two smaller slivers that made it impossible to glue them successfully without an additional base.

Maybe we're haunted.
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