Sunday, May 27, 2012

Nature in the Morning

 We  spent the morning out in the woods - well as near what you can call woods in this part of the prairie.

There is an archery range and in the newspaper under things to do today, was an archery meet at 8:00.

After rousing the young ones, we made it out to the river. I was taking pictures all over and then noticed a sign: 
No trespassing and directly below those words was the word CAMERA.
I figured they couldn't arrest me for pictures of foliage.

The archery range is laid out like a golf course with 40 stations. There are various targets from the first, a dinosaur (stegosaurus) to elk, deer, bear, mountain goat and a big frog.

M. did really well and filled out her score card. She can come back this summer and shoot some more!
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