Monday, April 9, 2012

A Busy Morning

Oh Joy! The day of the early check-up at the medical clinic....

Up early to get to the lab by 7:30.  A line clear to the elevator greeted me. Those folks got there earlier and waited in the lobby.  Actually, the process goes rapidly and I was out by 8:00. A 10 minute drive to McDonald's for coffee with three wonderful, athletic friends. (I really don't belong in this group.)
Back to the clinic at 9:30 for x-ray and breathing tests. That "blow as hard as you can for as long as you can" is an eye popping experience. Then on to fast breathing which I call hyperventilating. I asked her if anyone had ever passed out. "Close," she said.
The EKG was fun. The machine kept wrinkling the thin paper which wasn't loaded correctly. I felt sorry for the operator! I hope three times doesn't mean more electrical volts were used than usual. (I know that nothing is projected into your body during this test. At least I hope not.)
Then the final wait to see the physician. I actually got in early because someone had canceled. Everything is fine so we'll wait another year for all that stuff.

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  1. Regarding your "I really don't belong in this group" comment...OH YES YOU DO!!!! You don't have to be athletic to be a friend! See ya NEXT Monday!