Saturday, April 28, 2012


If you have followed this blog, you know "we" don't get out much.
This morning I was a guest at a brunch celebrating three friends' birthdays. We were neighbors when our kids were small, living in three houses next  to each other. Between us we had eleven children and of course, that is how we became acquainted - through the kids playing together.
They are wonderful hostesses and we had all kinds of good things to eat. I met many people and saw some folks I hadn't see for years.
Although they requested no gifts, I thought it would be nice to take a bottle of wine. Thinking to myself, "After the women have left and they have to clean up, the three of them could sit down and have a nice glass of wine."
So L. offered to go to the liquor establishment for me. He told the clerk he wanted a really good wine for a special occasion. So he came home with a foil wrapped bottle of "excellent" wine.
Imagine my surprise when I took a peak at the label: Menage a Trois.

The three friends and the group all got a laugh out of that and one of the woman said she had tasted that label and it was an "excellent" wine.

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