Friday, June 9, 2017

The Joys of Not Being Prepared

It's finally happened. I have become the elderly lady in the check-out line that fumbles around trying to use her debit card.

We went to the grocery store for a "few" things. The basket was far from full; the same for our wallets. I started shelling out fives and saw I was short. Lee gave me his bills and we were still short. I was trying to stuff them back in my purse, (dropping a five on the floor) and get the debit card out. Since I never use it, it didn't "swipe." The cashier was so nice. I apologized and he swiped it. Got the pin number right and we were on our way.

I can only imagine the thoughts of those behind us. I know my husband has very little patience for these moments. This time he couldn't complain since it was US!

When I got home, I counted what we had in our wallets - we were $3.33 short of the $73.33 cent charge. So close. From now on, I will try to manage to have more cash on hand before we shop.

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  1. Everyplace has a different reader most of the time I just hand over my card to the cashier :)