Monday, June 5, 2017

Helpful Shout Outs

Today was a trip to the clinic for my husband to get lab work. As do many others, we drive in past the front door to an unloading area for patients. I drove around two parked cars, swung in and turned, getting the rear end of our club wagon Ford van "in" from the drive area. After my husband got out, I checked my mirror and a red SUV was passing me. The lady from Barton County called out, "Learn how to park."

I wonder if this made her day happier. If I could have answered her, I would have said, "Still trying and getting better every day."

Evidently it wasn't too awful because her husband had no trouble getting past me.

Some day it would be fun to drive a tank.


  1. Did you get a license plate?? We can go egg/ toilet paper her house this summer!

    1. Nope. It's too far to Great Bend anyway!