Thursday, June 15, 2017

Something New to Be Solved

It's a nice cool morning to run errands. The last stop was the grocery store. (We needed ice cream.)
So we drove home, parked in the garage and went to the back door of the van. Lee says, "It's locked."
I said that I must have hit the button when I got out. Back to the driver's side, press U for Unlock.
Nothing. Tried toggling the switch. Nope. Turned on the engine, toggled the button. No.

Meanwhile the ice cream is probably melting in the back of the warm van. Ah! There is a place for a key to unlock the door, right below the handle. How silly not to see that.

That didn't work either. Key goes to and fro with no result.

Guess who had to get the step stool, climb in the side door and around the third sea to the inside handle?  Got it open.

Ice cream and groceries put away.  It still won't open.

Can we use the side door for loading now? Boss says no.


  1. I wonder what is wrong with it? I hope you get it fixed soon. If it is an electronic lock, will disconnecting the battery reset everything? :)

    1. It's electronic. Never thought of that solution. Will run it by the other half.