Thursday, October 6, 2016

Front Yard Foliage

This is a home near a shopping center in our town. At least they don't have to mow.
And to think that one of our former neighbors reported us to the city because we had planted some
wild flowers in OUR yard between our privacy fence and his chain link. Inspector came out and we were told to cut them or pay a fine. I had my first digital camera and took a photo in to his office. He was more amazed about the camera than he was concerned about the "violation." That neighbor was usually very nice. I guess he didn't like wild flowers.


  1. That yard looks like a jungle, people could get lost in there!
    So did you cut your wildflowers down? or pay the fine. I guess I would have paid the fine if it wasn't too much:)

  2. We decided to mow them before they went to seed. I thought they looked great there even though we couldn't see them through the privacy fence!