Wednesday, October 12, 2016

A Cash Crunch

Advertising is a wonderful thing. I seem to be a sucker for it. When I see a new item advertised, I think I need to try it.
Since I have given up high priced coffee to go, I decided I'd get a milk shake to split with Lee. He likes ice cream treats even more than I do. So I wheeled in to a chain burger joint and ordered the Cappuccino Crunch. I didn't specify a size. At least I don't remember asking for a large.
But that's what I got.
When you are so ancient that you remember 25cent milk shake in a tall glass, with more in the metal container that it was mixed in, a five dollar ninety-nine cent milk shake seems a little pricey. And then there is our 9% sales tax. If only it were enough to get Kansas out of the hole we're in financially!
The shake was good and at least we tried it. That's enough about that.

1 comment:

  1. Hope it was worth 6 bucks! Rven DQ is getting expensive...two medium sundaes are 6 $ plus.