Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Coffee Fail

This morning I got up early, Saw there was still some coffee in the pot from yesterday so I poured myself a cup, heated it in the microwave and left the rest for Lee.  Decided to wash the basket contraption and put it on the drain board. I planned to wash the carafe after L. had his cup and then make a fresh pot.
Enjoyed my first cup of "reheated," took my shower, and met Lee in the hall telling me had made fresh coffee. That is so nice of him! Usually he does it at night so it's ready to turn on in the morning.

A few minutes later, I went into the kitchen and the first photos is what I found. The second shows where the basket remained.

Nice clean-up of counter and when I lifted the pot to see if it was full of grounds, more coffee came running out of the handle, So I mopped the floor. It needed it anyway.