Thursday, September 1, 2016

Strange Coincidences

My husband and I both had appointments for the same date, September 1st. I had a card stating the date and time. His was easier to change then mine so the receptionist picked September 8th for him.

Today I went to my appointment. The nurse said, "We have you down for the 8th." Whoa! Now we're back in the same boat. Same day for two different locations. I told her I thought my card said the 1st.
She said, "If we mixed up the date on your card, we're sorry." I answered, "I'm sure you didn't."

Got home. They did. September 1st in black ink. So I called them and now I'm due in on the 7th.
I joked that I didn't think they made any mistakes and she said, "Nope. We're human." I'm glad I have that excuse too. We're all human.

Next time I think I'll take the card with me.


  1. One time we were a month early and it was 95 miles away. Boy were we upset:(

  2. Oh my gosh@ We are only about a mile away from our medical campus.