Friday, September 2, 2016

More Errors

After yesterdays mix up in appointment days, I decided to explain another error that plagued us.
At the grocers, Lee handed the clerk money. I was at the far end of the cart so didn't hear any of the conversation, but it seems the cashier told him he gave her too much money. After she returned it to him, she seemed more confused and said she needed more and put some bills out on the counter. The thing that ran through my mind was an old con trick where you end up losing about twenty bucks. On the display that shows all the purchases, it showed he had given her $71.00 for a $70.83
charge. And it showed .17 change due the customer. Somehow, with all the palaver going on, and her speaking so softly that even Lee with excellent hearing could not hear her, the display disappeared.
He handed over more $$ and we never got our .17 back.

At home, I called the store and the lady who supervises the cashiers. Very nicely I tried to explain what had happened, armed with the receipt which showed the location of our check-out. I told her we thought if the register came out with an error, it might be this transaction. She called back in less than ten minutes. She had talked to the cashier and explained the same thing that I wrote above. I then asked, "Do we owe you any money?" No, she answered. I felt like telling her that we were owed seventeen d&*@ cents.

So today we go to the bank to deposit money into the savings account. The teller asks if I want a balance receipt. Yes, please. She hands it to me and I give it to Lee as we walk away. He says, "I can't see any balance on here." Taking off my sunglasses and putting on my regular ones, I see no balance either. Back to the teller.  Explain. She runs our number on the computer and then hands me a receipt with the balance. It was the same amount that we show. What a wonderful surprise!

Is it just us, or is there a whole lot of errors going on out there?


  1. You have to really watch people now a days especially with cash, I try to make it the exact amount or very close because some cashiers give you change for a 10 and not a 20. do they not know math or how to use a cash register:(

  2. Most places the register figures it for them but they seldom count it back. They hand it to you with the bills on the bottom and the change on top!