Saturday, August 13, 2016

"Grocery" Shopping

Yesterday I went to our mega-market for a few things we couldn't live without. Without too much detail, this included distilled water, Thermo wraps for the neck and prune juice. Just the necessities for the aged.
I also planned to buy some Swiss Miss dark chocolate delight to add to my afternoon coffee. Since I've sworn off Starbucks, I need to get that mocha flavor somewhere else.

I couldn't find the Swiss Miss - even after finding the aisle marked Powdered Drinks. Since Lee was waiting in the car I decided not to hunt my chocolate down. It was only about 85 which is cool with a north breeze here in August! But I was determined to get out in less than ten minutes.
At the check-out, for the first time in memory, the clerk did NOT ask me if I found everything. Amazing, because I was prepared, for the first time in memory, to say, "No."

But I did manage to spend less than $16.00.

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