Monday, August 8, 2016

Cops - Reality, But Not a Show

L. was watching the tv show, Cops. Suddenly he called me. The sirens weren't on television. We had police cars, firetrucks, an ambulance and highway patrol vehicles  in our neighborhood.
The gentleman in this photo was shaking what looked like a aerosol can of paint. Now that the area has been cleared, there is an orange mark on the street. Unless things change, our local station will have no news on this event. Maybe our neighbor will know something. He was in a conversation with two law enforcement officers. The action was around the corner near an apartment complex.
I prefer my "Cops" events on tv but we are so blessed to have a great department here.
This truck was not parked in front of our drive. It was screaming past and I managed to move the camera enough to not get a blur (!)


  1. Always scary when we hear sirens. :(

  2. Local radio had the story at noon the following day: Chasing a stolen motorcycle. The street curves and the bike took out a row of mailboxes and the rider was injured and airlifted to an area hospital.