Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Dish Washing Advice

This old towel is so thin, I may have to retire it to the rag bag. It was received many years ago from a friend who was participating in one of those chain letters deals where you sent something along.
I have always thought it was cute and I've used it a lot.  I always think of Carlene when I see it. She was a good buddy from Chase, KS, whom I met at juco (Hutchinson Community College now - the term junior college was declared so demeaning several years ago.) I thought it was a perfect term for the first two years of college. You could attend in your home town or at a location near your smaller, rural home without being put into a huge population on a big campus. For some that is no  problem but for others it can be overwhelming.
We still have the choice but now must see the title "junior college" put away in the rag bag where this towel will shortly be located.

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