Thursday, December 17, 2015

Styli or Styluses?

Turns out both are correct for the plural with styluses also acceptable. We had this discussion this week when I lost the rubber tip from the little sparkly stylus shown  in the center.
A year ago our son and family gave me a tablet and I told him I would buy a stylus. He said they give them away. Since I didn't find any free ones, I shelled out $7.00 for the cheapest one I could find at the "Office" store .Our granddaughter found the lost tip and she used Guerilla Glue to replace it so I wouldn't lose it again. So after the glue was dry, I used the little jeweled expandable and guess what! It doesn't work. Evidently the glue made the tip too rigid.  I would love to take it back to the store and tell them, "This doesn't work anymore." I can imagine what they would think of an old granny in tennis shoes claiming, "It's broke!"

So our son and granddaughters bought me a set of three to replace it. (The small boxes are made from old greeting cards folded and trimmed. A friend, Marie Hubbard, taught me how to make them. So cute!)