Friday, December 4, 2015


Today we received a box of our traditional Christmas cookies, peppernuts. When I was a kid, my aunt in Halstead, KS, made these. Twelve cups of flour make a lot of little marble sized, hard as a rock cookies. It's the anise flavor that is soooo good. They are also called Pfeffernusse...not quite sure of that German spelling! And now from Halstead, through Hutchinson and on to Portland, OR; the grand girls made these. We have the photos to prove that they were made by hand and I'm sure much love...unless they got tired of rolling out those little pebbles.


  1. The neighbor lady used to make then and fill coffee cups with them and then wrap the whole thing in cello for a gift. I think it is an aquired taste and liked her cinnamon rolls much better:)