Friday, November 6, 2015


I don't have a photo because no camera was near and it was more important to dispatch the critter in the kitchen. Wednesday was a day to chop, slice, and dice after browning the stew meat. I love home made beef stew so that's what I was constructing. Lee came into the kitchen, pointed toward the floor and said, "Look!" I looked and saw nothing on the floor. It seem he was pointing at a large brown (I hope not recluse!) spider hanging in mid-air right behind me. "Get the fly swatter," Since I was nearest the pantry and the fly swatter, I did as I was told. The trip there did not cross the strand of web that was holding the spider who had reached the floor by the time I handed over the swatter. The intruder was quickly taken care of. I was just glad he didn't lower himself over the stew pot.

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