Saturday, November 7, 2015

Second Door on the Right

Visiting a new office (new to me) yesterday, I was directed to the second door on the right for my acquaintance. I dutifully walked in and no one was there. Soon a stranger entered and I explained who I was looking for. "Oh. She's next door." I thanked her and went out, looking back to where I counted from - Yep, this was the second door. In the next room I found my friend and told her I guess I couldn't count. She said, "Well, this is the second office." Duh. I didn't look in the first door to see what it was. Maybe it was the broom closet but when someone tells me the second door, I think I can count to two. Life is strange. I'd like to tell the receptionist that there are three doors on that side of the hall - but I refrained.

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