Monday, October 26, 2015

Skunk Alert

I have no photos but we were warned about 2 a.m. by our dogs that something was "up" outside. After Lee checked the front yard to see if someone was walking a dog at that strange hour, he reported there was a skunk by the fire hydrant on our parking. I had never heard the lovable little mutts carry on as they did last night. . . Crazy barking! I'm not thrilled by seeing a skunk in the area. I guess they have to be somewhere. And that is another reason to make an appointment for yearly rabies shots. The notice came in the mail on Saturday. I'm hoping now the fence keeps him/her out of the back yard.


  1. Skunks are the worst. Better get a quart of peroxide and some baking soda to mix up with some dish soap in a bucket...put it on with rubber gloves...and it may bleach them out...Chance's hair got kinda red...but the stuff freshly mixed takes away 98 % of the horrid smell. We go out with Chance at night now and most of the time he is on lead at night. That is one good thing about snow...if it snows then they hibernate:)

    1. Thanks for the information! I never thought tomato juice would work.