Saturday, October 24, 2015


We have a dry cleaning company who previously had two locations. Listed in the phone book were two phone numbers - one for the northern location near our house and one for the store "downtown". I called the number for the closest one and asked a stupid question: Are you open at this location?" Answer was yes. So we grabbed the my coat, worked on getting the dogs in the car and took off. At the drive-through window the sign says they have been closed since July. Why didn't I just ask if they were still open on 30th Street? After the short trip to the other facility, I handed my coat through the window and said, "Just a coat today." She asked if it were a coat for kids....Gosh no! Not donating, I need it cleaned. Good laugh. After getting all my information, she asked if our dogs would like a treat. Well, with that, Jill goes nuts. Jack is calm. The nice lady reaches for treats. Not there. Goes to get some. They are out. No treats today! Why does it seem like all these odd things are happening more frequently? Possibly because I don't ask questions correctly or express myself clearly. Non compos mentis?


  1. Sometimes I have to just stop instead of rushing seems to work better for me:)

    1. What's so funny there is, we never rush!!!