Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Large Spider

This morning my sister-in-law in New Jersey sent a photo of a large black and yellow spider outside her window. We have its twin in our morning glory vine. So of course I had to wade out into the dew and take a photo of our resident. I have never seen a web with the cluster of white and a zig zag area near the center. To try to get him to move to more exposed position, I shook the vine and he did climb up a bit but long after the movement should have stopped, the web continued to move. I watched for at least a minute and there was no sign of it stopping. There was no wind that kept it moving and perhaps he was moving his body in some way that I could not see. Quite fascinating. And I'm still surprised the morning glories are still looking so summer-like. It will be 80 again today so that doesn't exactlt say fall and the end of the growing season. (You can click to enlarge the photo.)


  1. That is one beautiful web!! A real work of art! :)

    1. A friend identifies this guy as a garden orb spider.